Our Work

We See Challenges. We Identify Solutions. You Succeed.

As experts in communication, change management and public administration, Bronner consultants have served in management positions or supported a variety of government agencies and other large organizations. This experience directly informs the firm’s diverse array of services, which are divided into three main categories:

Government agencies face a fundamentally different set of challenges in the 21st century, ranging from shrinking resources to a growing demand for programs and services. To manage this complex landscape, Bronner provides strategic planning, meeting facilitation, feasibility studies, stakeholder engagement and a wide array of services designed to maximize agency efficiency and effectiveness.

As the environment changes, so too must public sector agencies. Bronner recognizes the range of unique attributes necessary to support and manage change within government. Business processes must be re-engineered, systems aligned and workloads re-allocated. Bronner transformation services support these activities to ensure that government is organized to meet new challenges.

In the social media age, every government action is watched closely. The Government Accountability Office, Offices of Inspectors General, auditors, reporters and other entities are motivated to ensure that information about government finances and operations is accurate and available. Performance management is a new challenge facing agencies, as well. Bronner’s legacy in public sector finance and auditing equip our consultants to help government prepare for and meet the new control environment.