Consulting Services

Bronner’s public sector consulting expertise guides its clients through all phases of the government operating continuum. Bronner utilizes proven methodologies ensuring that each client’s unique issues are identified, analyzed, and addressed.  Bronner recognizes the highly complex challenges facing government agencies, many of which are unique to the individual agency’s mandated mission and objectives and crafts customized solutions – find a selection of some of the services Bronner provides below.

Strategic Planning and Optimization

Bronner’s strategic planning methodologies and tools employ a consolidated, multi-disciplined framework that incorporates all major components into a blueprint and roadmap that enables a government entity to achieve its mission into the future.

Audit & Assurance

Bronner’s Audit & Assurance Division recognizes the issues, policies, and processes involved in enabling government entities to achieve higher levels of effectiveness, efficiency, and accountability. Bronner provides a full spectrum of financial, compliance, and internal audit services tailored to assist government entities with general financial management systems and operational improvement initiatives.

Business Continuity

Whether providing round-the-clock property management services at a housing property, distributing millions of dollars in voucher payments to local landlords, or submitting regulatory reports to HUD and lenders, agencies must be prepared to absorb, respond to, and quickly recover from disruptions. Management’s challenges of preparing the agency for such a disruption can be overcome through Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning.

Procurement & Supplier Diversity

To be effective stewards of taxpayer dollars, government entities must find ways to identify high-quality products and obtain them at the lowest possible cost without sacrificing quality. Bronner helps federal, state, and local government entities address these challenges and procure goods and services in a timely, compliant, and cost-effective manner.

Change Management

Bronner is a leader and facilitator in driving the change processes, promoting organizational alignment and cross-functional participation. Bronner develops detailed change management plans and provides the client with a clear step-by-step approach for implementing change.

Business Process Improvement

Bronner’s proven methodology begins with best practice public and private sector research and analysis.  Bronner works with its clients to perform a detailed gap analysis to assess areas where a government can achieve efficiency improvements and recommendations to realize them.

Alternative Revenue Sourcing

Bronner’s Alternative Revenue Sourcing process begins with a comprehensive evaluation of the funding sources an organization currently taps into and categorizes those funding streams based on rubrics of stability to determine whether the best course of action is to maintain and maximize current plans or seek alternative sources.

Survey Development and Administration

Bronner has a long track record of demonstrated success in providing survey development, administration, and analysis to public sector agencies. Bronner evaluates their efforts and the realized accomplishments from implementing various management, technology, and operations improvement initiatives.