Audit & Assurance

Bronner’s Audit & Assurance Division recognizes the issues, policies, and processess involved in enabling government to achieve higher levels of effectiveness, efficiency, and accountability. Bronner provides a full spectrum of financial, compliance, and internal audit services tailored to assist government entities with general financial management systems and operational improvement initiatives.

Financial and Compliance Audit

Bronner experts conduct financial and compliance audits pursuant to the American Institue of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), General Accounting Office (GAO), and Yellow Book Standards including single audits and program specific audits prescribed by OMB Circular A-133.

Internal Audit

Bronner internal audit professionals employ a risk-based approach that helps clients improve performance, operating, and financial efficiency increasing the effectiveness of government agencies by implementing performance measurement systems, quality assurance, and quality control procedures.

Forensic Auditing

Bronner’s finance specialists work with governments to detect and prevent fraudulent activity by performing investigative financial analyses and evaluations. In addition, Bronner implements and monitors ethics and integrity standards for the public sector focusing on those relating to heavy customer interaction and cash transaction procession.

Green Book Services

Bronner works with governments in reviewing their internal control system based on the Green Book’s 17 principles for the effective design, implementation, and operation of internal control systems. Bronner has also conducted risk assessments to help create audit plans and guide the development of audit work.