Alternative Revenue Sourcing

Bronner’s Alternative Revenue Sourcing (ARS) process begins with a comprehensive evaluation of the funding sources an organization currently taps into and categorizes those funding streams based on rubrics of stability to determine whether the best course of action is to maintain and maximize current plans or seek alternative sources. Bronner’s  institutional  insights provide our clients with a unique evaluation elucidating overall organizational fiscal health,  identifying  supplemental funding sources, and developing a continuity plan in response to the expiration of previously existing federal funds.

Grant Funding Opportunities

State and local governments across the nation share a common dilemma in meeting the increased public expectation to deliver high‐quality services efficiently while confronting diminished funding resources. This complex challenge exists because government agencies rely heavily on an outdated revenue generation model rooted in rapidly depleting federal funding silos. The all too familiar result is that federal budget deficits are forcing painful cuts onto cities and states.

  • Greater financial flexibility;
  • Increased fiscal stability and financial resources;
  • Greater exposure to and partnerships with different government agencies, community organizations, businesses, and philanthropic partners;
  • An efficient way to boost transparency, accountability, and public confidence;
  • Freedom from over-reliance on ever-changing, highly restrictive federal funding;
  • Ways to fund new initiatives or meet increasing public demand without raising taxes or cutting services;
  • Reliable means to offset or supplement expired or dwindling resources resulting from expiration of previously existing federal funds;
  • More precise understanding of the current fiscal state and factors contributing to organizational bottom line; and,
  • To explore the creation of high-impact instruments for obtaining donations, developing properties, and working with or operating businesses in order to generate revenue on behalf of the organization.


Bronner’s approach encourages organizations to focus on outcomes rather than compartmentalized funding streams while leveraging our expertise to identify and prioritize new revenue options that legacy-operating structures typically overlook. These options include foundations, corporate partnerships, creating new not‐for‐profit instruments, assets available for leveraging, and other potential partnerships in order to compete for alternative non-traditional funding opportunities.

Unlike solutions that aim to protect government operations by bridging one‐time funding gaps, Bronner’s suite of Alternative Revenue Sourcing services helps governments think and behave differently as they move forward, resulting in a more robust inventory of sustainable strategies to fund vital programs