Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources for Government Agencies

The coronavirus outbreak is first and foremost a global tragedy with millions of people directly impacted in some manner. While this crisis has upended nearly every aspect of our lives, Bronner Group is proud to work alongside our clients and partners to meet this challenge head-on. 

This list of resources is intended to provide government agencies and their leaders with insight on the evolving situation and implications for their organizations. Given the fast-moving nature of this outbreak, Bronner Group will update this listing regularly to continue to provide timely information.

(Last updated May 11, 2021)


Public Health

  • CDC
    • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s overview of the COVID-19 virus, with links that provide information regarding protective measures people can utilize to avoid falling ill, COVID-19 symptoms, what to do if a person falls ill, and statistics on the coronavirus’s spread in the U.S.
  • Coronavirus.gov
    • This resource, administered by the White House, the CDC, and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), is dedicated to answering questions related to COVID-19. It provides information about how people can prepare and protect themselves, actions people should take if they think they are sick, and general statistics on the spread of cases of coronavirus in the U.S.
  • HHS
    • The Public Health Emergency website, administered by Health and Human Services (HHS), provides updates on potential and current threats to public health. The link provides coverage on the COVID-19 virus, with information relating to efforts to treat and study the virus, the strategic national stockpile, and regularly updated news and highlights.
  • NIH
    • This page is from the National Institutes of Health and provides various resources and news updates relating to COVID-19. Links include strategies to limit the spread of COVID-19, information on coronaviruses in general, clinical trials, and guidance from the federal government.
  • Johns Hopkins Tracker  
    • Maintained and updated daily by experts in public health, infectious disease, and emergency preparedness from the Johns Hopkins University, this COVID-19 Data Center provides the ability to track global cases and trends related to COVID-19.

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Emergency Management

    • The Federal Government’s dedicated website to tracking the Whole-of-Government response efforts to COVID-19. This is a one-stop tool to find links to responding federal agency resources and updates from all sectors of the federal government.
  • FEMA
    • The Federal Emergency Management Agency is the lead federal agency for operational coordination of the COVID-19 pandemic emergency response. FEMA’s coronavirus resource page includes news releases, rumor control and public information resources, and media coverage of the COVID-19 response.
  • FEMA Public Assistance (PA)
    • This FEMA fact sheet outlines eligible expenses under its Public Assistance Process.
    • Local government officials can apply for FEMA PA relief at the PA Grants Portal
  • FEMA Disaster Financial Management Guide
    • This FEMA guide for state, local, tribal, and territorial governments provides a comprehensive overview of disaster financial management principles, tools and resources.
  • FEMA PDAT Resources when Procuring with Federal Grant Funds
    • FEMA’s Procurement Disaster Assistance Team has compiled resources to help governments avoid common mistakes when using federal disaster grant funds.
  • FEMA Coronavirus Emergency Management Best Practices
    • FEMA’s compilation of best practices and lessons learned that communities have already faced fighting COVID-19.
  • State Emergency Management Agencies
    • FEMAs List of all State Emergency Management Agencies with office location, website, and contact information included.
  • Homeland Security Digital Library from NPS CHDS –
    • The Naval Postgraduate School’s Center for Defense and Homeland Security maintains a public collection in its Homeland Security Digital Library, where COVID-19 related information is stored.
  • IAEM
    • International Association of Emergency Managers global COVID-19 resource repository. Includes resources from the IAEM and partners in the emergency management industry, such as webinars, public program guides, and news.

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State and Local Government

  • NGA
    • The National Governors Association maintains a regularly updated COVID-19 resource center tracking state government actions, NGA resources, and includes links to all state/territorial resource pages for COVID-19.
  • CSG
    • The Council of State Governments maintains a regularly updated collection of resources for state governments, including state executive orders, state legislative and judicial activity, election information, and COVID-19 case tracking.
    • The National Association of State Chief Administrators has a resource center for governments on workforce, facilities, IT, budget, procurement, and risk management topics to assist in COVID-19 response efforts.
  • NACO
    • The National Association of Counties hosts the County Response Efforts and Priorities web-page to highlight actions county governments have taken, policy resources, emergency declarations, and county news. NACO also publishes articles on the CARES Act, stay at home orders, and key issues for counties.
  • NLC
    • The National League of Cities COVID-19 resource page provides local governments with resources broken out by topic or level of government, including NLC published materials on local best practices.
    • The NLC and Bloomberg Local Action Tracker shows local government responses from most cities in the US and is updated regularly.
  • ICMA
    • The International City/County Management Association has a regularly updated COVID-19 local government news page, as well as resources and webinars on local government management during the pandemic.
  • US Conference of Mayors
    • The US Conference of Mayors maintains multiple resources for city leaders, including CARES Act analysis, Fiscal Tracking and Federal Reimbursement Initiative, Supplies for Cities, and Mayors Business Council Action Tracker.

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Government Finance and Administration

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Information Technology

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Public Housing

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  • DoEd
    • The Department of Education shares information and resources for schools and school personnel with the goal of helping disseminate critical information about the disease and its potential transmission to students, families, staff, and the community. Resources span across elementary schools, secondary schools, and higher education institutions.
  • Education Week
    • Education Week provides the most relevant news, information, and resources on how schools across the nation are being impacted by COVID-19.
  • CGCS  –
    • The Council of Great City Schools, provides various resources and news updates that include federal agency information, school district websites on the coronavirus from across the country, and council information related to COVID-19.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Recovery Resources for Government Agencies

This list of resources is intended to provide government agencies and their leaders with insight specifically associated with the CARES Act and government plans to transition to recovery and the reopening of communities.

Additional recovery information can be found at the government and association websites cited above.

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Photo from the Center for Disease Control, US Government