Multiple Housing Authorities are Implementing BRONNER’s Public Housing Intelligence (PHi)

CHICAGO – Friday, February 8, 2013 – Bronner Group, LLC (Bronner) announced today that multiple public housing authorities have recently decided to implement the newly unveiled and first-of-its-kind Public Housing Intelligence (PHi) suite. Bronner’s PHi suite consists of six unique diagnostic tools specifically designed to ensure best practices within public housing agencies. With new federal policies mandating scores of rapid changes for housing authorities in a very short time frame, PHi promises to expedite the process, resulting in tremendous time savings.

Since its release in 2012, several housing authorities have discussed interest in utilizing PHi with Bronner, but with questions regarding impending federal budgeting decisions unanswered at the time, many agencies were hesitant to move forward on their agendas. With federal housing policy decisions now coming into clearer focus, the Bronner leadership team sees this initial wave of PHi implementation as a signal that more housing authorities will soon begin taking action on the most efficient means of resolving their federal regulation compliance concerns in the very near future.

In recent weeks, multiple housing authorities have purchased PHi and will make full use of its capabilities. In addition, various other housing authorities have also decided to take advantage of the PHi suite as part of their larger strategic planning initiatives currently underway with Bronner.

“I am extremely pleased to see that numerous housing authorities have already taken swift action to utilize PHi,” said Bronner Center for Public Housing Solutions Chairman, Ed Griffin. “I fully expect that these authorities at the forefront of this initiative will quickly realize the extraordinary efficiency PHi offers them on achieving full compliance with new federal regulations and mandates.”

PHi was designed by Bronner’s public housing experts and it utilizes their many decades of experience in guiding housing authorities through the complex federal regulation compliance process created by new laws and mandates. When compared with the option of dedicating a great deal of staff time to pouring through hundreds of pages of federal laws, the easy-to-use PHi system of questionnaires and assessments will allow housing authorities to achieve full compliance with all of the latest federal regulations and mandates in a fraction of the time.

Bronner’s PHi suite includes six targeted tools: Rapid Risk Assessment and Management (RRAM); Build, Enhance, Sustain and Train (BEST); Measuring and Aligning Programs, Performance and Services (MAPPS); Digitizing the Enterprise and Leveraging Technology Assets (DELTA); Entrepreneurial Alternative ReveNew Sourcing (EARNS); and Fraud Identification Technology and Systems (FITS). PHi supports public housing authorities and similar agencies as they navigate the complex organizational changes mandated by new federal policies. Instead of focusing on the burdensome, time-consuming particulars of written federal regulations, PHi allows public housing agencies to accelerate the process by creating a user-friendly framework to obtain a comprehensive overview of management challenges. These efficiencies will benefit entire communities by allowing housing authority staff to dedicate their focus to their true mission of providing safe and affordable homes to those in greatest need.

For more information on PHi, contact Bronner at (312) 759-5101.