Department of Justice Publishes Bronner Group Program Assessment

For Immediate Release: November 30, 2016

Chicago, IL – November 30, 2016 ‐ Bronner Group, LLC (Bronner) is pleased to announce the completion of its assessment of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) Bureau of Prisons (BOP) Education Program and the publication of the full final report detailing its comprehensive recommendations for improvement. The report can be found on DOJ’s website.

Bronner was engaged by the DOJ Office of the Deputy Attorney General in February 2016 to assist in generating implementable improvements to the BOP nationwide education program. BOP encompasses 122 institutions and over 190,000 inmates in six regions across the country.

Bronner performed a full review of education program components including goals, supporting systems, processes, budget and resources, work placement, technology, curriculum, and central and local administration. The review culminated in a comprehensive report, published November 30, 2016 by the DOJ, detailing observations and extensive recommendations for improvement to the education program.

Bronner’s recommendations have focused on the establishment of a semi‐autonomous school district within BOP that is responsible for the following:

  • Managing an organizational and administrative framework for the education program;
  • Building and implementing an effective curriculum and instructional framework;
  • Constructing a technology‐supported instructional management system;
  • Maintaining a strategic, effective education budget and management system; and,
  • Securing additional available resources to better the education opportunities for student inmates.

These recommendations have included the identification of education and job training programs that provide multi‐tiered education and social services that:

  • Direct the BOP programming to focus on the attainment of a high school diploma;
  • Address the education of special‐learning needs and disabled inmate populations;
  • Integrate cutting‐edge technology and education practices;
  • Improve certification, training, and employment opportunities for ex‐offenders; and,
  • Continue to reduce recidivism.

Bronner thanks its extensive array of consultants and subject matter experts who contributed their time and invaluable expertise to this endeavor, and the cooperation and ability of its counterparts at DOJ and BOP.

Bronner is proud to have had the opportunity to contribute to the important initiative of improving the lives, education, and opportunities of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals, their families, and their communities through the DOJ’s reform at BOP to reduce recidivism and promote inmate rehabilitation.

The Department of Justice’s full press release on this and other prison reform efforts can be found here.

For more information about Bronner and its work with DOJ, contact Don Davis, Director of Professional Services, at [email protected].